What We Do

Our technical services are supported by trained and experienced engineers, cost managers and artisans with time-tested capabilities.

  • Reliability Engineering and Production Optimization
  • Subsea Inspection and Intervention Support
  • Well Testing services
  • Training and Manpower Supply Services
  • Corrosion prevention and monitoring
Reliability Engineering and Production Optimization

Valueworld is the biggest Nigerian Partner/Agent to Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL), France for their Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis range of software. With our well-trained and experienced engineers, we are sufficiently armed with both the knowledge and tools to optimize operations in production, manufacturing and process systems across every industry.

Subsea Inspection and Intervention Support

Challenges of Deep and ultra-deep water installations have necessitated advancement of inspection techniques. Traditional practices in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) have often failed to meet the clients’ needs and requirements for offshore subsea facilities, as limitations to their use have increased due to unconventional environmental factors.

Valueworld is in partnership with leading inspection software and hardware developers. Data obtained from field work are used in the design and selection of appropriate equipment which are deployed to our clients. Our high-tech ,industry-wide certified techniques include Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM®), Alternating Current Potential Difference (ACPD) and Alternating Current Stress Measurement (ACSM). All our equipment are diver and ROV adaptable in all water depths , pressures and temperatures.

Well Testing services

Well data such as Pressure and Volumetric Flow Rate are essential in determining flow integrity in production and reservoir management. Valueworld in technical partnership with Velty Kay Consulting LLC, Houston, has the capability to not just capture data, but also use our data mining skills and expertise to ensure maximum economic benefits possible for our clients.

Training and Manpower Supply Services

Keeping up with best practices and local content policies is the hallmark of this objective. Oil producing economies in Africa will need well-tailored policies that allow their citizens acquire necessary skills to manage certain technical areas of the oil and gas industry. At the moment, there is near absence of a well co-ordinated skilled manpower development initiative despite a marked presence of highly skilled technicians and engineering personnel in dire need of a direction in the industry.

Valueworld has identified this huge gap and in response has carefully developed a program which identifies these skilled personnel and engages them where they are needed. From graduate and experiences Subsea, Corrosion, Materials, Reliability engineers, to welders, roaster bouts, derrick men, drivers, crane operators, vessel engineers, divers and designers, we have a pool for all your service needs. Experiences of these personnel have been verified and authenticated to increase and maintain client confidence.

Corrosion prevention and monitoring

Corrosion has always been a major concern in the oil and gas industry, leading to heavy losses in both time and materials. So, the industry has continued to pay attention to, and make huge investments in corrosion studies resulting in rapid improvement in materials selection, design and maintenance. To reduce downtime and save costs, producers must ensure that either high corrosion-resistant materials are used , or low corrosion-resistant materials for subsea completed installations. Where the later is preferred, an effective monitoring program has to be implemented.

Valueworld uses its knowledge of both aqueous and oxidation corrosion mechanisms to advice its clients at every stage of a project. We also ensure that our clients’ staff are educated enough to understand the primary factors that speed up corrosion and measures to take when observed.